Query By Rjay, Calcutta (India)

Name : Rjay

Date of Birth : 11-9-1986

Time of Birth : 10:30 Hrs (IST)

Place of Birth : Calcutta (India)

Query : Related to Profession and financial position in Venus Mahadasha nd Jupiter Anterdasha

Venus in own sign or Mooltrikone or exalted or placed in 12th house normally is considered as a good position for Venus.
Currently you are passing though a phase of venus and anterdasha of Rahu.
Venus Rahu in your chart are placed at the distance of 6/8 houses. That’s why results are not favorable. This phase is in the last phase of Venus/Rahu/Mars.
Since first wk of October 2013, Dasha will change
Jupiter is enjoying Lord ship of 2nd and fifth house, and placed in 4th house (although is retro). Good position for Dhan Yog, and sort of Rajyog. Jupiter is blessing 10th  house and Mahadasha Lord Venus, hence results related to profession will be good. You will be in a position of regaining your wealth and position.
Your profession can be linked with foreign lands.
During Mahadasha of Sun, your life will get a new direction (positive) for your future.

Regarding transit of planets will work when promise and dasha will be suitable. I do not mean to say that they will not support.
Possibility of Sudden gains – 8th house lord and 11th house lord Mercury is exchanging aspect with Anterdasha Lord Jupiter. (When Mercury will play its role – pratyanter dasha)
I wish all the best to you.


  1. Do you strongly believe the work situation may improve in the days to come when Ve-Ju starts oct 5 ? Isn’t a retro (vakri) Jup. gonna delay the results ?

    Also you said ‘profession can be linked with foreign lands’. Do you think it’ll lead to long term residence there ?

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