Query Related to Pragnancy from Gizelle from Deland Florida US

Date of Birth : 22-5-1991
Time of Birth : 10:00 (Standard time according to Florida)
Place of Birth : Deland Florida (US)
Query : Will Martin get me pregnant?

It’s a question of Horary.
According to your Birth chart, you are passing through Phase of Mars and sub  phase of Moon.
Mars is Lord of fifth house (house of progeny) and Moon is ascendant lord.
If you want, you can go for pregnancy during this period.

Now from Horary
Time of question : 01:19 IST
Place New Delhi (INDIA)
Ascendant Lord Mercury is in the Nakshtra of Saturn, and saturn is the lord of fifth house.
You Martin may get you pregnant.
But are you serious for this pregnancy?

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