Astrology Prediction : Query from Devranjan Pramanik from Siliguri (India)

Name Devranjan Pramanik

Date of Birth : 25-5-1992

Time of Birth : 13:20 Hrs (IST)

Place of Birth : Siliguri

Query : what career can i choose which will give smooth income of money and from which dasha and bhukti that period will start
and the last question-my sixth house moon has papkartari yoga,how can i do something to reduce the effect of this yoga,thats it,sir,please just two questions!!!

Devranjan, I will take your second question as first question.
You have noticed negative part of your Birth chart Moon in sixth house and Paapkaratari yog.
Now I agree for your negative approach because of Moon in sixth house and in Paapkartari. But you must accept that
1. Moon and Jupiter are 6/12 axis, forming Gajkesari Yog.
2. Jupiter is blessing Moon.
3. You are born in Krishnapaksha and in day time. Means Goddess will protect you.
4. I agree you were born with Balarisht Yoga, but Goddess has protected you .
5. Your sixth house Lord Saturn is placed in 12th house from its own house fifth house (fifth is 12th house to sixth house), indicates expense of disease or litigation or competitors or disputes.
Now you want to know remedy…
1. Whenever you feel low, chant any Mantra for Lord shiva.
2. Read Vishnusahsranaam (Give strength to Jupiter)

Query – which will be favorable dasha for income.
1. Saturn will start solving your issues.
2. But Mercury and Venus will be very good dasha for you.
(Dasha/Anerdasha etc)


  1. Anup sir,why u dont like my posts,i m only asking for help,thats it,
    Please tell me the astrological combinations for my fathers death
    Please tell me which could be the best career for me for gaining money

  2. anup sir,you didnot ask,which career will be the best for nice income of money because my sixth house is afflicted,
    and you did not explain why my father died by doing suicide on the date I gave you,
    and you did not say whether i will have many friends or not,i feel i am not talking enough to people to be interesting to them,i feel people ignore me,because they don’t like my appearance!
    and yes i was going to die,because i was born with jaundice and my blood was changed in hospital,after 2 days,doctors said i would die!!but i survived.

    • Devranjanji,
      It is already mentioned that one query will be resolved in normal way.
      For more than one query you can opt for professional service.
      Query related to Moon in sixth house and paapkartari is already explained, along with one more query related to income is resolved.

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