Query By Priydarshani, Dhanbad (India)

Name : Priyadarshini

Date of Birth – 30 October 1984
Time of Birth – 18.43 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth – Dhanbad (India)
Question – When will I get married? Will it be arranged or Love? How will be the boy?

Analysis from your Birth chart (D-1)

You are Mangalik because Mars is placed in eighth house

  1. Taurus Ascendant, its Lord Venus is in seventh house with Ketu.
  2. Ascendant Lord and seventh house are in Paapkartari. That’s why delay in marriage and breakups. (Both side of seventh house and ascendant lord Venus are malefic and cruel planets).
  3. Venus is sixth house lord and placed in seventh house with Ketu. No auspicious aspect on this planet. It’s not a appreciable position.
  4. Seventh house lord Mars is in eighth house with Jupiter.  Longevity is good, but take care of spouse or relationship.
  5. According to your Navmansha chart, Ascendant Lord Mars is in its own sign and placed in eighth house.
  6. But seventh house lord Venus is in 9th house and blessed by Jupiter. (Confirmation of marriage)
  7. Jupiter is blessing ascendant. Auspicious. (Although ascendant lord Mars is afflicted by Saturn) indicates delay in marriage.
  8. You are passing through Mahadasha of Rahu and Anterdasha of Saturn till April 2013.
  9. This Rahu Mahadasha is a Unconditional significator of Marriage. I think during its Mahadasha you may get marry.

I wish all the best to you. Spouse will be charming but aggressive (combination of Venus and Mars)

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