Query By Suhaana Suman, Patna (India)

Date of Birth : 28.11.78
Place of Birth : Patna (India)
Time of Birth : 18.30 Hrs (IST)
Name : Suhaana Suman
Query : related to
1. Marriage (arranged/ love?, ….description of spouse?)
2. Career (future/ whether any name/fame possible in creative pursuits?)

Suhaana, according to your Birth chart my observations are

  1. Ascendant is Gemini and its lord Mercury is Retro (Vakri) and placed in sixth house. Conjunction with Mars and Sun. Certainly, you will have health issues and enemies in your life.
  2. But the best part is – you know or you will have tools to handle the situations.
  3. Your 7th house lord is Jupiter placed in 2nd house and is exalted. Your spouse will be a wealthy person or you will get wealth after marriage or position will be better.
  4. Since Jupiter is the lord of spouse house, means personality will be good. He will have dignified look. Because spouse house lord is not afflicted by any malefic planet. Yes he may have tendency to repeat or look from different angle.
  5. Your Venus is Retro and placed in fifth house, afflicted by Saturn. That’s why you had breakups, and possibility of break ups. You are a courageous person.
  6. According to Navmansha chart, your spouse house is blessed by Jupiter, but is in friends sign, lost the position of exaltation. So quality of marriage or relationship will be better in earlier stage but later part may not be like the earlier one. But marriage will be Ok. You will have traditional marriage, because Jupiter is blessing your Spouse house in Navmansha chart.
  7. Regarding your Profession, Jupiter is your Karma lord and Ketu is placed in karma place. You will prefer administration. I think you may like finance line may be Micro. Your ascendant Lord is Mercury. But Jupiter and Mercury are retrograde hence you may opt/prefer for change in line (may be forced to change).
  8. Venus and Moon are jointly placed in fifth house (artistic and creative combination). Third House lord (courage/valour) is placed in another trik house. I think you will do nicely, but take traditional/classical touch (even you may prefer traditional/classical touch).
  9. Ketu in 10th house will help you to achieve ultimate of your work. You must excel in your work, because Jupiter is blessing its own house (profession). And forming good Dhanyog. Moon is also forming great Dhanyog.

I wish all the best to you and for your future.


  1. Dear sir,
    I am writing just to inform you that after your astro comments, I had become little confident about my creative work which i had never shared with anybody before and I actually presented few composed songs of mine before a live audience recently and it has been well appreciated ….the response has been very encouraging and i just wish to thank you for your guidance ……

    thanx sir,


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