Query (Horary) from Sonia, Karachi

Question Time : 19 : 19 Hrs (PST)

Date of Question : 01-09-2012

Place of Question : Karachi

Name : Sonia

According to Vedic methods my observations are as follows:

  1. Aquarius ascendant, its lord Saturn is placed in 9th house with Mars.
  2. Saturn is in the Nakshtra of Mars. Mars is in the nakshatra of Rahu.
  3. 7th house lord (House of spouse) Sun is in 7th house, in the Nakshtra of Venus. But Venus is in 6th house and lord of ninth house. Combination is there, but indicates disputes, issues etc.
  4. According to Tajik yoga – I agree that Saturn is forming Tajik Yog with Sun, with the help of Moon.

I have to say, some disputes, if your boyfriend will agree then after some disputes, which you have to sort out.

Still, I am not confident but hopeful.

All the best.

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