Reading of Chart of Mak

Name : MAK

Date of Birth: 8-4-1980

Time of Birth: 06:40 Hrs (IST)

Place of Birth: Thana (Maharashtra- India)

Query: Related to Marriage

Reading according to your Birth chart (D-1)

You are passing through Mahadasha of Mars and Anterdasha of Venus. This combination can give you marriage, but my suggestion is to wait till July 2014.

You are very competitive man. You can do whatever you want to do. But Mars karak of your Kutumb and finances is placed in 6th house, which can create some issues in this matter.

According to your D-9 chart

You can marry somewhere in Feb 2014. Before that you can marry but in that case you have to take precautions related to marriage.

Regarding your spouse, according to D-9 chart good looking like Moon. Do not worry about your spouse, according to destiny, she will come and meet you or time will guide you.

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