Astrology Prediction : Query of Ayse, from Adana (Turkey)

Name : Ayse
Date of Birth : 15-4-1983    
Time of Birth : 07:25 Hrs. (Turkey standard time)
Place of Birth : Adana (Turkey)
Query :Regarding Marriage
Reading according Vedic system-
According to your Birth Chart (D-1)
1.    Ascendant Aries and Saturn is afflicting this ascendant.
2.    Fifth house lord Sun, Ascendant Lord Mars, 4th house Lord Moon and 3rd & 6th house lord Mercury is in ascendant. Mars is in own house but is 8th Lord too. Longevity point of its good. So, as a person, will be disturbed, although 5th house Lord (lord of trine in centre/square), Rajyog, bit Sun is afflicted by Saturn.
3.    7th house (House of spouse)- Saturn (Retro) in exalted sign is there, so Karkatva of 7th house is increased. Retro Saturn, either relationship is broken or more than one relationship/marriage or after fixing up, possibility of a change. This house is afflicted by Sun and Mars. Saturn is 10th Lord, is placed in 10th house and 9th house from its place. It’s a good position for the profession of spouse and travelling with spouse/partner.
4.    7th House lord is in 2nd house (own house). Take care of health of spouse or expenditure on spouse. 7th house Lord venus is in Paapkartari, some sort of disturbance can be observed.
5.    You are passing through Mahadasha of Rahu.
6.     Rahu is capable of giving Marriage/relationship unconditionally. (Take care of your father’s health.
7.    Possibility of Marriage will be good during Rahu/Jupiter (Jan. 2013 onwards)
Reading of D-9 (Navmansha) chart
1.    Sagittarius ascendant. No aspect. Jupiter and Saturn are placed in this house.
2.    7th House is aspected by Saturn and Jupiter. Marriage is there but possibility of delay.
3.    I think during the Dasha/sub dasha of Rahu (NN) and Jupiter you will get marry.
9th Lord Sun is in Rahu/Ketu axis. Please take care of your father.


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