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  1. name – Sanjiv
    Date of birth: 17 Jan 1966
    Time of birth: 9:05 PM
    Place: Jaipur, Rajasthan

    What does 2017 hold for me, with regards to employment/job, business – what type? and financial gain/earning?


  2. Anupji, I have read your Vedic astrology articles recently.The astrological knowledge that you possess is really great as I have tested your findings in some horoscopes to be perfectly true. I personally salute your knowledge.


  3. Name : bharat
    Date of Birth : 10/July/1987
    Time of Birth : 08:25 AM
    Place of Birth : Bhilwara,Rajasthan

    Not settled till date


  4. Name : vikas
    Date of Birth : 03/03/1983
    Time of Birth : 16.45
    Place of Birth : amritsar,punjab

    Not settled till date


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