Nifty Prediction : Sell on rise (again) | Nifty may remain within 19200-19400

Daily Forecast – Share Market – August 18th, 2023 Sell on rise (again) | Nifty may remain within 19200-19400 Venus with Ketu leads the day, well supported by Sun, Mars, Rahu and Mercury. Geo-economic situation is not comfortable, hence cues from the global market may not be good, affecting the local market. Chances of weak emotions. Nifty may test 19300 or breach the levels of 19300. Pressure on upper levels and buying from lower will not be surprising. China’s reality situation may further remain tough, hurting other companies also, this may include banking sector also. China may try to release reserve currency to hold the levels of Yuan (according their anterdasha). Globally, currency or money market may show some trouble some situation, which may further give negative impact on the market. Ore and metals may again remain active or hyperactive in volatile manner. It will be better to follow – sell on rise. Avoid longs at the moment. Support from financial institutions – better to watch with care, because they may again avoid supporting the market. Or they may sell again (chances). Stop-loss at (Nifty) 19250 will be better. But Nifty may test 19200 in coming period. Remember today is last working day before weekend. Banks are also not much supportive. Automobile, and related segments may further remain active, because of government’s news. Fashion may also play some positive moves, with leather etc. Trade with care. Nifty may remain within […]

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