Astrology Prediction : Query by Anonymous Ajm, Query from Pune (India)

Name : Anonymous Ajm
Date of Birth : Masked
Time of Birth : Masked
Place of Birth : Masked
Time of Query : 03:25 Hrs (IST)
Place of Query : Pune (India)
Query : Hello sir, may I know if I will be able to go abroad for my masters next year or the year after that? I am currently doing my bachelors in India.

Anonymous Ajm,
You have raised this query for Horary method (Prashna Shastra), according to Vedic Astrology my observations are as follows:1. This study is valid for one year from the date of response i.e. 30-03-2023 to 30-03-2024.
2. At the time of query it is movable sign, indicating that current situation may change. Lord of question is not forming any connection with the lord of foreign. Whereas education lord is moved in the native land with Rahu, means this may give some dreams for the education and profession.
3. This means, your focus for education should not be deviated because of your dreams.
4. Chances of moving for foreign lands within this one year, are not indicated (according to the time of query raised).
5. I am not giving any comment for next year or confirmation or anything related to this.
Focus on your final year of studies, chances of education for higher is possible.

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