Nifty Prediction : Range of 17600-17850 (Nifty) | Sudden changes possible

Daily Forecast – Share Market – March 9th, 2022

Range of 17600-17850 (Nifty) | Sudden changes possible

Rahu, Mars, with Mercury are leading the day, well supported by Moon, Jupiter and Ketu. Although foreign cues may not be as good as we are expecting, but we came up from lower levels in previous working day, where as today is weekly expiry, planetary position indicates sudden movements, or high waves may be possible. But when Ketu and Rahu are active, then market may show deceptive moves also. Possibly profit bookings on both the sides (Call and Put) may be seen.

Nifty planning for 17850, even then trade with cautious moves. Currency is again around INR 82 against USD.

Nifty may be within the range of 17600-17850. Ups and downs also possible. Market is trying show stability, but financial situation is indicating something different. Higher taxation or tax on each and everything, food inflation is heading on upper levels. Even green vegetables are heading for out of reach. Job is tough point. Impact of past 4-5 years trouble is now reflecting on common man. Then ‘Karela on Neem chadha’ was COVID lockdown, 2+ bad years. Industries were in tough zone, banks have to right off old debts in big amounts.

China is also facing trouble, although their anterdasha is good. So, their karmas may pull them back in next 2-3 years.

Banks, defence, alcohol, sugar, edible, electrical and electronics, cotton, metals, automobile tyres, logistics, Financial institutions, FIIs, DIIs (keep a watch), also keep watch on funds, aviation (defence related), space, IT, communication, insurance, petroleum companies, keep a watch on Adani’s share – watch on be watchful, and many more may be showing movements.

Sudden changes possible. Nifty may trade within the range of 17600-17850.

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in between 81.40 to 82.20 per USD.

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** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.

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