Nifty Prediction : Mixed Day not surprising | Ups and downs | Sell on rise possible

Daily Forecast – Share Market – February 3rd, 2022

Mixed Day not surprising | Ups and downs | Sell on rise possible

Moon, Rahu with Venus are leading the day, well supported by Saturn, Mars and Jupiter. Possibility of Mixed day (again), mainly based on Q3 results. Job employment issues in US is quite better, in comparison to ours. But still many of IT personals are unemployed in US (mainly highly placed).

IT industry is still facing issues (job employment wise).

Rahu is playing important role, but Karma lord is combust, lord of lagna of India’s horoscope – that means head of the leader is also playing important role, but illusions also possible.

US data is still tough, affecting crude and roaming around 80 – 85USD. Currency – horoscope is indicating time for again (possible weakness) may be seen and may again cross 82 INR against USD, secondly, USD Index is above 100.

Keep a watch on Adani Group related international news. Reason is Rahu’s importance on this day again. Rahu may create smoke or illusion.

This is also fact that Shani dev may give justice for the karmas – good or bad deeds etc. to anyone – the moment will come out of Combustion.

Areas like entertainment, communication, IT, power, infrastructure, cement, insurance (close watch), defence, defence related space, keep a watch on Banks, results based direction will be seen during the day, keep a watch on chemicals, textiles, agriculture related automobile, automobile tyres, automobile batteries, paints, and many more may show movements based on results etc.

Mixed day performance not surprising. We should not ignore – Geopolitical situations also. Nifty may try to reach again 17750. And sell on rise also possible. Nifty may maintain range of (17500 to 17750).

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in between 81.40 to 82.30 per USD.

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** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.

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