Astrology Prediction : Query by XYZ, from Varanasi (India)

Name : XYZ
Date of Birth : 25-10-1984
Place of Birth : Varanasi (India)
Query : Sir, I am looking for a change of job, and in new profile. When I shall be getting the job. Preferably out of India.

According to the Vedic Astrology my observations are as follows:1. Aquarius ascendant and lord Saturn is combust but with Sun, Moon and neutral Mercury. Saturn is exalted whereas Sun is debilitated, Saturn is forming neech bhang yog with Sun.
2. Dasha and promise wise period for job is on the card, but concern is your own regulatory of personality. If you will be enthusiastic then certainly you can achieve a lot in your life. Since, for October 2021, your inclination for a change in profile might have been developed, or I feel can since February 2021.
3. If you will willing to pick the job, time is running, and strong time will be July 2023 (after 25-07-2023). This is based on dasha combinations and promise from the horoscope.
Transit of Saturn and Jupiter may help you also. Regarding out of India chances, dashas are supporting but may not give of your favorite places.

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