Nifty Prediction : Market may remain in range | Again buy on dips and sell on rise

Daily Forecast – Share Market – November 18th, 2022 Market may remain in range | Again buy on dips and sell on rise Saturn, Venus with Mars (Rx) are leading the day, well supported by Jupiter (Rx) and Rahu. Lord of foreign cues will be important, although this planet is a falling planet, unable to give its best. Whereas lord of share market is winning in planetary war over the lord of ascendant of India’s Horoscope during the day, this may affect strength of INR or other related issues of nation. Health issues – COVID in China is also giving impact on the demand of crude/oil, which may affect for a while not only on crude oil but also on other consumable products. UK’s inflation is on higher side, whereas taxation may further affect their companies, which may give impact on their market in coming days. These activities are due to the impact of Saturn which is now giving its justice or better to say the PHAL of KARMAS in past thirty years. Remember, this Karmadhikari/Nayadhikari Shani dev is again asking us to improve our karma for the coming period so that the next generation should not suffer like this current generation has suffered due to health issues/crises of finance and others related issues. Foreign cues may not be strong, but our market is holding levels. After turbulence of expiry (previous working – yesterday), today we may see some better […]

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