Astrology Prediction : Query by Viv Richard, from Chennai (India)

Name: Vivi Richard Date of Birth : 12-02-1994 Time of Birth : 11:50 Hrs (IST) Place of Birth : Chennai (India) Query : I just want to know whether mine will be love marriage or arrange marriage and what is the age i will get married. Vivi Richard, According to Vedic Astrology, my observations are as follows: 1. Taurus ascendant and lord is in the house of profession with the lord of love relationship which is retrograde, Saturn and Moon. afflicted by Jupiter, which creates obstacles for the horoscope. Your personality and approach is affected by Rahu/Ketu axis. 2. Marriage lord is combust and placed with Sun, indicating that chances of marriage are with the consent of family. Chances of love marriage are not strong. Saturn is also afflicting house of marriage, hence chances of marriage may be delayed. 3. You are passing through mahadasha of Saturn, which is well connected with family, ascendant, kutumb etc. Indications are that marriage may be delayed but period may start from November 2022 and may continue till July 2025. I have not texted the accuracy of time of birth and others.

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