Astrology Prediction : Query By Manish/Raj Khadtkar, from Nagpur/Sausar (India)

In reply to Raj Khadtkar. On 16-06-2020
Name : Manish/Raj Khadtkar
Date of Birth : 05-02-1977
Time of Birth : 05:45 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Nagpur/Sausar (India)
Question : When shall I get Job. Whether I shall get job near home town. Presently in India and in job. Want to shift the job near home town.

Raj Khadtkar,
According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:1. Capricorn ascendant and lord Saturn is retrograde, placed in the house of spouse, exchanging and afflicted by Mars and Sun, both are indicating aggressive nature and behaviour, at times sudden aggression is also possible, which may cause issues at native place or at home or with family.
2. Anterdasha lord Jupiter is lord of foreign lands and travels etc. placed in the family/native place etc. afflicted by Mars lord of family etc. and Saturn lord of self/finances etc. I think that neither you are satisfied out of your native place or away from family nor satisfied at the native place /with family.
3. Dasha wise you are passing through Mahadasha of Mars afflicted by Saturn own lord, both are directly linked with self, so indications are that you may be dissatisfied with current situation. Chances of getting job opportunity is there, because of Pratyanter dasha lord Venus which is lord of Profession and new opportunities are on. But according to Desh, Kaal, situation or in astrological term transit of Planets and current period is not advisable to leave the job. Wait for the opportunity (if you get any opportunity during this period) must have confirmed letter of offer.
4. Dasha wise period is running, movement is possible, but better period may be after 3 years.

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