Nifty Prediction : Possibly buying from lower | Volatility also possible

Daily Forecast – Share Market – May 23rd, 2022

Possibly buying from lower | Volatility also possible

Sun with Saturn is leading the day, well supported by Mars, Rahu, Saturn and Mercury. This is important that we must believe in our own system and economy, if GDP is not under control or Inflation with unemployment is roaring then situation may be tricky despite of such share market situation. We are normally depending upon foreign cues – either US or China or Asian market etc. Companies are not delivering according to the expectations. This may be due to unemployment, rising cost of manufacturing, mainly due to energy.

Saturn is slowing down its speed, because from early morning hours of 05-06-2022, this planet will start transiting retrograde, hence impact will be seen in the relative areas.

We must be prepared for the justice from Saturn. India and Globe must be prepared for the justice system of Saturn. Are we heading for recession? It will be better for the world to consider the situation properly. We all need proper Finance management (at home/nation/globally). Indulging in any war will not be good for the world.

Textiles, steel, crude, energy, etc. will be tough or not comfortable in coming period.

I believe market is not well supported with internal events and results by the companies. Secondly, global issues are again deceptive, other nations are also facing tough position.

Better will be for plastic industry, but may not be good for steel, coal, and others. Prices of Petroleum products (impact on excise cut) may give some advantage to the logistics segments, automobile tyres, automobile, transport (passenger), which may give impact on many areas like edible and others. E-commerce, fertilizers, communication, IT and many more will be doing little bit better. Sugar, alcohol, wines and related areas like spirit etc. will be showing their moves.

Banks – they must check their internal working system, if they will be improving within the organization then may give better support to such banks, otherwise the same traditional way of movements.

Market may show some buying from lower levels, but pressure on upper levels will be possible. Keep a watch on news from government and geo-political situation.

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in between 77.20 to 78.00 per USD.

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** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.

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