Nifty Prediction : Volatility possible | Gap-down not surprising | Watch Geo-political situation

Daily Forecast – Share Market – February 21st, 2022

Volatility possible | Gap-down not surprising | Watch Geo-political situation

Rahu with Mars and Venus are leading the day, well supported by Moon, Sun and Jupiter. Impact of foreign cues can be seen strongly; local strengths are trying to support. Energy of local strength will be involved in planetary war with Mars. Unlocking process is improving in India, that means fear of COVID/OMICRON is not there of better to say, cases are reduced within normal levels and government is hopeful.

We have entered in the monthly expiry week. It will be better to trade with care during the week, watch the global political situation, and then move. Volatility in the market is clear. Rahu may give sudden rise or dip in the market. Since Rahu is transiting in Kritika Nakshtra and which is govern by Sun, so local issues cannot be ignored, and market may try to hold the levels or within range. Try to hold 17000 of Nifty or better to say around 1% of volatility range.

Pressure on the market or Nifty or Index can be seen during the day. Volatility can be a part of the day.

Currency is better than the previous week. Crude is also on alert means may show some rise in the levels of previous closing. Ukraine and Russia are the key factor for the panic in the market.

Alcohol, spirit, non-traditional, green energy, Hydrogen related areas, defence, metal, minerals, and oil exploration, IT, communication, electronics, electrical, automobile, batteries, power, chemicals, leaf-based, solar energy, automobile tyres, logistics, keep a watch on airlines, action in space related defence and many more may be seen in action on either side. Agriculture related automobile may be better.

Trade with stop-loss. Pressure and recovery not surprising, so Volatility will be seen during the day. Gap-down opening not surprising.

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in between 74.10 to 75.00 per USD.

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** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.

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