Astrology Prediction : Query by Neeraj Gupta, from New Delhi (India)

Name : Neeraj Gupta
Date of Birth : 04-09-1968
Time of Birth : 05:45:15 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : New Delhi (India)
Query : I got divorce in Dec.2006. I could not find a partner after that, Pl. guide if I have chances of re-marry and when ?

Neeraj Gupta,
According to Vedic Astrology my observations are as follows:1. Leo ascendant and lord Sun is in the lagna itself, Jupiter lord of mangalya and love relationship is combust, but also afflicting house of marriage also, with the heat of Sun. This lagna is in Paapkartari (lord of family form bedroom and Ketu from statements etc.) are also disturbing self.
2. Lord of marriage is Saturn retrograde and just of 1d 27mins. (better to say is falling) in the house of debilitated sign (neech rashi). This Saturn has played role of detachment from spouse in December 2006, when Jupiter/Sat/Rahu had played the role to break your marriage.
3. You can try for marriage, but I am bit suspicious for another decent marital relationship.
4. Backbiters may be cayuse of disturbance.
5. Navmansha chart has some indications, because exchange of lord of marriage and lord of relationship with married or likewise person. But I have not studied in depth, because this is free service.

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