Vedic Astrology : Indian Economy | Share Market from Diwali 2021 to Diwali 2022

Indian Economy | Share Market from Diwali 2021 to Diwali 2022

Indian Economy and Share Market from 2021 Diwali to 2022 Diwali, based on Astrology and horoscope of India.

Currently India is passing through Mahadasha of Moon, which represents neighbouring nations, communication, IT, space, logistics, transport, travels and tours, which is in conjunction with Saturn, lord of judiciary, religion, fortune and others, Sun, Venus and Anterdasha lord Mercury, which represents finance, share market, public, spiritualism and education etc.

Mahadasha of Moon will continue till 2025, but anterdasha of Mercury which is normally good for Taurus ascendant (which is India’s ascendant) – financially, and new approaches etc. This anterdasha of Mercury has started from July 2021 and will continue by the middle of December 2022. Indications are clear that period for financial issues may remain better during this period. I also believe that market will have satisfactory run till next Diwali.

Areas, which may give better movements during this period can be communication, IT, Defence, space, logistics and related areas, transport and tourism (may show improvements), entertainment, Pharmaceuticals, agriculture, insurance, chemicals leaf-based, and many more segments may be showing their movements.

Automobile, aviation and aviation manufacturing related segments, movements related areas may remain active either manufacturing or otherwise.

I wish good luck and belated Happy Diwali. Wishing for Nifty 20000 series in Next Diwali. Possibly Shagun of 21000 (Nifty)

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