Nifty Prediction : Nifty seems Positive | May look 16330 or so | Watch Mid and small caps

Daily Forecast – Share Market – August 12th, 2021

Nifty seems Positive | May look 16330 or so | Watch Mid and small caps

Moon with Saturn (Rx), Ketu, Venus, Sun, Mercury and Mars are leading the day. Indications for the market seems movements in many areas can be seen during the day. It may be possible that positive emotions may give a decent movement during the day, even positive opening will not surprise me.

Remember lord of the horoscope of India is placed in the house of share market in debilitated (Neech rashi) sign, with Moon, may try to protect share market related issues. Keep watch on government news also.

Remember, market is moving upward and then downward, overall is not bad. I agree that total movements are not much significant, but also indicates that possibly market is preparing for 200-300 points for Nifty in coming period.

It will be better to keep a watch on banks, financial institutions, automobile (especially for logistics related segments).

In Indian market slowly and gradually, markets are opening even on Saturdays or preparing for the opening of market – that means governments of various states are indicating for normalcy. Which may give some impact on the market.

IT, communication, space, petroleum, insurance, logistics, e-commerce, metals, automobile, automobile tyres, automobile batteries, paints, paper, leather, textiles, communication instruments, engineering, electrical and electronics, cotton, FMCG, entertainment with banks and financial institutions etc. Pharmaceuticals, laboratories, petroleum related segments, defence and many more may remain active during the day.

Liquidity in the market is decent.

I feel market may remain trade with positive emotions. Trade wisely for Mid-caps and small-caps. Liquidity is comfortable in the market. Trade and enjoy the day. Keep a watch on results also.

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in between 74.00 to 74.90 per USD.

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** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.

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