Nifty Prediction : Allow market to settle down | Trade smartly during the week | Impact volatility

Daily Forecast – Share Market – July 12th, 2021

Allow market to settle down | Trade smartly during the week | Impact volatility

Jupiter, Rahu and Moon are leading the day with support of Saturn, Ketu and Mercury. Impact of Retrograde planets are clear with the impact of Rahu, planetary position is changing within 24 hours.

This week has one short trading day.

Banks and share market lord is enjoying decent placement, so chances for banks will be better. Other planetary forces may try to build pressure on the market, which may give negative impact on the market. Global cues may further add pressure on the market. Opening of the market needs your patience, even though opens with a slide. Impact of Rahu/Ketu can be seen clearly  along with two retrograde planets.

Geo-political situation within our neighbouring area is tough. COVID pandemic is raising alarm globally once again. It seems within 60 days; we may be in the attack of Pandemic (through out nation).

Planetary indications are that market may show some pressure from the upper levels. This may be due to various changes in Pandemic and other issues. Crude may show some relief.

I believe as the indications from planets are that allow market to settle down and wait for the opportunities at the lower levels (better rates). Pressure at the time of opening is possible. Do not chase the levels, allow the market to settle.

Even then banks, financial institutions, cement, IT, communication and many more areas may look or give better chances to pick. Activities in Logistics, metals, cement, infrastructure, automobile, Pharmacy, pathology labs, e-commerce, information based/related, retail, FMCG, non-traditional with many more segments may give movements on either side (even pressure will not be surprising).

Petroleum marketing, petroleum based products, automobile tyres etc. may look better.

Book profits as and when required and look for opportunities.

Market may open with pressure. Allow market to settle down, look for opportunities at lower levels, this week may show volatility.

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in between 74.00 to 74.90 per USD.

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** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.

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