Vedic Astrology : Transit of Saturn (Retrograde) / Shani Ki Vakri Chaal (May 23rd)

Transit of Saturn (Retrograde) / Shani Ki Vakri Chaal – (23-05-2021 to 11-10-2021)

Saturn an important planet of Planetary chart, is currently transiting in the Capricorn sign. This will start transiting retrograde from 14:50 Hrs (IST). That means for us Saturn will start transiting on the other side of Sun and will come towards earth from that transit. That is why we call this transit as retrograde.

Every transit of planet has its own impact. When Saturn is transiting from Capricorn sign, that means from own sign. In India’s Horoscope is transiting from ninth house, which indicates that this Retrograde transit of Saturn may not give adverse impact (majorly) on the nation.

But this period may create situations when people may realise, the mistakes done by them, time to learn lessons from past wrong deeds or ignorance and take corrective measures, especially in the area of health-related issues, work force, compete with the adverse situations (if any).

Regarding religious activities must be done according to the situation of the nation (it is always said in Jyotish – Desh Kaal Patra – are important for the events).

This Saturn may also give impact on achievements. Saturn will justify the achievements, gains – that means can increase (subject to corrective measures). Judiciary and seniors must give proper guidance to the required areas.

Neighbouring areas may need bit more attention.

This Saturn may not be much affecting share market, but interesting areas will be agriculture related, Textiles, leather, recycling based areas, healthcare, hospitals, engineering, automobile and ancillary, Petroleum based products including Paints + Tyres and many more. Mining and results of past working of various companies and professionals. IT, logistics and communication will also be affected/influenced with this Saturn transit.

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