Astrology Prediction : Query by Aleks Petkova, from Sofia (Bulgaria)

Name : Aleks Petkova Date of Birth : 25-07-2003 Time of Birth : 16:25 Hrs (LST) Place of Birth : Sofia (Bulgaria) Date of Query : 16-01-2021 Time of Query : 11:21 Hrs (IST) Place of Query Received : Noida (India) Name : Ivailo Jivkov Date of Birth : 06-08-1981 Place of Birth : Sofia (Bulgaria) Query : We both had a very good communication, he was my friend, but now he doesn’t talk to me, blocked me everywhere, but I think that he cares about me – he always did, so please, if you can tell me, may I expect from him to reach out? Or just a text message? Aleks Petkova, According to Vedic Astrology my observations are as follows:

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