Vedic Astrology : Transit of Jupiter in Capricorn sign, March 30th, 2020

Transit of Jupiter in Capricorn sign on 30-03-2020 at 03:45 Hrs (IST)

This Jupiter is moving in Debilitated sign (Neech rashi), with exalted Mars and Saturn in own sign. That means this Jupiter will be enjoying Neech Bhang. This Jupiter will be giving fifth aspect on the ascendant (lagna) of India’s horoscope and on It’s Cancer sign where Moon is placed, also on fifth house, house of children – means public.

I believe that this Jupiter will be showering sign of relief on the government, nation, and I am sure to the common man. Activities of Mars and Saturn were giving malefic impact globally, possibly this transit of Jupiter may give some relief to such activities.

I also believe that this may minimize the malefic impact of conjunction of Mars and Saturn, also may help to work for getting solution for the malefic impact of Mars and Saturn + Rahu and Ketu. That means, researchers may get some solution/way for relief from Pandemic.

Reason is – on 15-11-2019, Jupiter moved in Sagittarius sign with Ketu, and probably just after that cases of this Corona Virus case might be found in China. Now, this Jupiter is moved in Capricorn, so, this may minimize negative impact of Chandal yog.

Combination of Mars, exalted, Saturn and Jupiter may give support to the researchers and medicine field to get some way to check Corona Virus, which may give maximum relief after third week of September 2020.

Rahu will be moving in Taurus sign and Ketu – Scorpio sign in third week of September 2020. Only after such movement, global relief sign be observed (Chances).

It will be interesting to see movement of Sun in Aries sign on 15-04-2020. This will be another good sign for the world.

I believe movement of Jupiter may bring sign of some better betterment.

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