Astrology : Transit of Mars with Saturn in Capricorn sign

Transit of Mars with Saturn in Capricorn sign from 14:40 Hrs (IST) on 22-03-2020

Saturn is in own sign of Capricorn since 24-01-2020. Religious based political activities are increased. Saturn in Capricorn gives issues of common man on road. In past also (1990) Mandol commission etc. This time other issues.

Now, Mars is moving in Capricorn with Saturn. This Saturn is enjoying home advantage, whereas Mars will be enjoying advantage of exaltation (Uchcha Rashi). This combination of two malefic planets are not good. Previously this has given break out of Pandemic like Plague in US, Many other countries also. Now, Corona Virus is hitting the world before their conjunction. This has started since Mars and Jupiter with Ketu were in conjunction in Sagittarius sign. Or when Jupiter moved in Sagittarius sign with Ketu.

Conjunction of malefic planets in Capricorn will be till 04-05-2020. One advantage or sign of bit relief can be transit of Jupiter since 30-03-2020 early in the morning at 03:45 Hrs (IST). Possibly, after this world may find some solution for the relief from the Corona Virus. I mean some research work may give sign of relief. Period will be till 09-05-2020.

Important is religion-based activities may need to be checked during the period at least till 30-06-2020.

Conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Capricorn can give natural calamities (Corona is again a part of natural calamity). We are watching global pandemic. We must be careful (for India) while using social media, because from now to the 04-05-2020 web based/media or likewise services will be highly afflicted with Saturn and Mars. Third important planet Jupiter will also be influencing this house social media/web based or likewise services.

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