Astrology Prediction Transit of Saturn in Capricorn Sign from January 24th, 2020 (at 09:35 Hrs (IST) From India’s Point of View

Transit of Saturn in Capricorn Sign from January 24th, 2020 (at 09:35 Hrs (IST)

From India’s Point of View.

Lord of Religion, Judiciary and more will start transiting in own house. That means Dharmadhikari in own house, protecting and supporting related activities. I believe more judicious activities should be possible, subject to other movements.

This Saturn will be directly influencing neighbouring areas, communication, Transport, travels, IT and entertainment etc. Activities will be more. May be negative or positive. Results will be justifying to the action or I can say that reaction to the action will be justifying. So, it will be better that communication must be judicious without any crossing the limits (for all Taurus ascendant or Taurus sign Horoscope).

We may see some unrest among people, borders or we can see activities to justify the action or decisions of government or by political parties.

That means, action or decisions must be “if in favour of common man, will be immediately responded by public accordingly or if will be influencing or pressurising common man then they may respond accordingly.

Rahu in the house of finance is indicating issues related to banks may further come up (possibilities) within next 6-7 months from January 2020.

Judiciary will be strong. We may see some important decisions in next 2-3 years of time (before 2023). Religious activities within limits are always good or we can say, “Adhi ki bhali na bolana aur adhi ki bhali na chup”- Means excess of anything is not good.

From 30-03-2020 to 04-05-2020, three main planets – Saturn, Jupiter and Mars will be in conjunction. So, this period will be important for neighbouring area and communication etc. Tweets, or social media may play important role along with verbal communication etc.

It will be better that all the political and religious persons or a common person should not encourage any odd communication.

Crude oil prices may get check from Middle of May 2020 (for the current raise).

December 1990, Saturn entered in Capricorn sign and during that period (form Aug. 1990 – When Saturn was in Sagittarius, preparing to move in Capricorn), Gulf war started. USA, Britain were also involved in this war and other Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arbia.

Another important event was Student agitation for Mandol commission. Huge riots were observed throughout the nation. There were self-immolations. Again, Saturn was in Sagittarius and moving in Capricorn sign.

In 2020, again USA is indicating conflict with Iran, Saturn is in Sagittarius sign and moving in Capricorn sign. Jupiter was exchanging aspect with Saturn (when Saturn was in Capricorn sign)

That means, will this be observed March 2020 onward? Possibilities cannot be ignored. Planets can give indications. We can take precautionary steps accordingly.

From March 31st to May 5th, three important planets of planetary system – Saturn, Jupiter and Mars will be in conjunction. During this period important events (globally) can happen.

In India, we can expect events at border area or neighbouring area. Important period will be during this April to May 5th. Next important period will be after October 2020, because again transit of Jupiter will be in with Saturn for approx. 13 months. So, religious point of view – excess of anything will be wrong. It will be better to believe in Indian word, rather than religion wise. Otherwise Saturn will be strong enough to give judicious results.

Now, India’s Rashi (Moon sign is Cancer), so Saturn will be in 1/7 position with Moon. Indicating that changes can be seen in alliances, partnerships etc.

Normally, this Saturn should behave as Judicious during the tenure. Anything wrong done by government or public – this Saturn will be giving results accordingly. If good work will be done, then next five years will be fruitful after the tenure of this Saturn in Capricorn.

I believe that government may take justified steps. Otherwise Student agitation may lead to another levels. We should not forget Madol commission and consequences.

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