Nifty Prediction : Range of 11800-12000 of Nifty | Casual/Normal traders guard Money

Daily Forecast – Share Market – December 11th, 2019

Range of 11800-12000 of Nifty | Casual/Normal traders guard Money

Venus is controlling the day with Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Moon, Ketu and Rahu. Seven planets are directly active. Indications are that currency may show some strength, whereas crude is rising (may be due to curtail etc.) This may continue till March 2020. Activities related to banking area may remain strong – may be rise or fall or some other activities.

Regional issues and other related activities among public can be seen directly or indirectly. Partnerships (political) may have some direct or indirect impacts.

Even then market may be ready to give opportunities at lower levels. But may be for week or so. Nifty may trade within the range of 11800 to 12000. Range of 200 points due to malefic impacts of Rahu-Ketu axis with Venus, Jupiter & Saturn, in the house of ups and downs. Main activities are in the area of Ocean, depth, research, analytical/analysis and banks/financial institutions, some changes in PF/gratuity/insurance areas also possible.

Chances are that market may show better than previous day. Still trade with care. Keep a watch of FIIs and foreign cues. Announcements from government or agencies etc. can play some role for the day. Range may be 11800 of Nifty to 12000.

Activities can be seen in the area of Petroleum, Path-laboratories, Textiles, banking, research and development, defence related area, since seven planets are active so, movements in many different segments can be seen. Keep a watch on small-caps and mid-caps.

I feel it’s not a time to go for long on either side, better to for the day only. Period is for aggressive traders. Casual traders, please avoid the day and protection of money – at times is equivalent to earned money.

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in between 70.30 to 71.20 per USD.

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** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.

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