Nifty Prediction : Profit booking on upper levels | Trade wisely for small trades

Daily Forecast – Share Market – December 10th, 2019

Profit booking on upper levels | Trade wisely for small trades

Venus with Rahu, supported by Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Ketu are holding the key for the day. Mars is forming good relationship with Moon, indicating foreign issues/cues will be important for the day. Crude is holding its levels and looking for upward direction, whereas currency is bit under control. Indications are again like previous day. Before going for long for the month, please keep a close watch, because Solar eclipse is ahead.

Market may trade with in the range of 12000 to 11800 of Nifty points. It will be interesting to see Banks and financial institutions during the period of Solar eclipse, because Rahu is placed in the house of banks and finance, that means impact of Solar eclipse will be direct on this area. Similarly, regional areas and statements by the well-known personalities will be interesting to see.

Anyways, global issues will be important along with the governments policy. Their collection V/s expenditure will be interesting to see.

Anyways, local issues related to consumption are not comfortable, reason is jobs etc. No real estate or no other development in SMEs or small sector. Start-ups are not a major hiring force. This is just like a drop of water on hot surface. Salary packages in comparison to inflation is not improved. Only advantage is for Government employees. They were main common man in 1970s to 1980s etc. and prior to this period. But now, situation is changed. If one is not engaged anywhere – may go to crime or may reduce consumption also.

Anyways, activities can be seen in automobile, textiles, alcohol, leather, banks and financial institutions, lubricants (either side), trade with care for GAIL or likewise companies in coming period. Use the upper levels and lower levels properly. So that drop can also be useful.

Trade with guards. Heavy impact of Rahu can do anything. Be watchful for banking area etc.

Nifty may trade within 11800 to 12000 in the period – trade watchfully during this period (not only for the day – solar eclipse is a fortnight ahead.

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in between 70.50 to 71.50 per USD.

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** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.

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