Nifty Prediction : Market seems positive |Buy on dip | Deep stop-loss (Rahu/Ketu active)

Daily Forecast – Share Market – December 6th, 2019

Market seems positive |Buy on dip | Deep stop-loss (Rahu/Ketu active)

Venus and Rahu with support of Ketu, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter are controlling the day. Lord of the crude oil is protecting own house, so, chances of some protection for the rates of crude is possible. Currency may also get some strength. Mercury has moved in Scorpio sign with Sun. Possibility of Profit bookings on upper levels possible. Even then positivity can be seen in the market. Global cues are positive

As it was mentioned in my previous report that buy on Dip will be better for the period. Emotions of the market seems bit controlled. Nifty is managing to hold its levels and moving ahead. Bank Nifty is also looking bit better.

Our market is looking for concrete guidance from the policy or real outcome in the market. Otherwise time to time will be reduced, because our exports are not high, local demands are under pressure (reason is burden on common man and insecurity of job). Secondly, private sector is still unable to provide job opportunities. It’s a long-term impact in the industry, unless reopening of opportunities.

In early 2000 it was call centre, that gave huge job opportunities to the youth on the spot, now such openings are also under check. Apart from this IT segment was providing a lot of opportunities. B Techs from any stream got opportunities in IT industry. Growth of construction work (housing etc.) were active, so opportunities were seen in the market and regular growth was good (real growth). Communication industry and Insurance were also hitting the market hard.

Now – communication is under pressure. IT – they are still based on foreign nations. We are getting orders from out of India and then doing it (mainly). Nothing new we are creating. Governments focus is on defence sector, we can earn in coming days, but job opportunities …

Automobile is based on the growth in general, only then a common man can go for vehicle (four or two etc.). Planets are not suggesting so currently. Over trading tendency had put pressure on banks, they earned but when payments were blocked, they also came under scanner. Their growth (certain banks) was checked.

Anyways, announcements from government related to import or export – mainly I believe imports, market may react positively in the segment of automobile tyres etc.

Nifty seems positive because of some announcements, still this is because of Planetary position, not because of genuine rise in the consumption of the market. Global cues are positive.

Automobile tyres and related segments, petroleum, leather, textiles, sugar, banks and financial institutions, keep a watch on shipping and related areas, research and analysing related segments like Pathology labs etc. Since, six planets are highly or directly active so, activities in many segments can be seen.

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in between 71.00 to 72.00 per USD.

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** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.

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