Nifty Prediction : Buying at Lower levels | Nifty may show recovery (Temporary)

Daily Forecast – Share Market – September 18th, 2019

Buying at Lower levels | Nifty may show recovery (Temporary)

Venus with Moon is controlling the day and well supported by Jupiter, Mercury and Sun. Sun has moved to Virgo sign and Saturn is close to start transiting direct so is transiting at the slowest speed. I believe that market may try to look for the base and again look for buying at lower levels. After a long gap, no planetary war or other negative impacts on the planetary position. Only point of concern will be Saturn Ketu exchanging aspect with Rahu. That develops global tension(s).

Banks are still protected by their lord, but Rahu is not allowing for proper growth of the banking sector. Or let us put in this way that maximum weaknesses of banking system were exposed and more may come to knowledge of PSUs or others.

I hope government is not focusing properly and coming out phase by phase to check share market, whereas if focus will be on employment, properly functioning of industrial areas, imposition of extra burden of energy charges (like electricity, because departments could not repay their bills, after heavy uses of ACs or misuses). Government must improve methods of ease in keeping low manufacturing costs, so that assembly business from the nation goes out and in true sense ‘Make in India” program should move forward.

Faith in the policies is must. Planets are indicating that like a marketing team – government is slowly and slowly releasing their packages. Share market is reflection of whole movements and economy that includes employment which is linked to consumption and growth in the market. Otherwise target of 5 trillion $ economy will be a very difficult task and will only be a dream.

Market may show some buying from lower levels. I will prefer buying from second half. So that impact of direct Saturn will be long.

Movements in many segments can be seen.  Look for proper opportunities, avoid false text messages, that can be from trapped trader(s). Before investing or going for trade study the cycle or company properly. There are not many companies like Motherson Sumi or MRF etc.

Banks, currency may get some strength, crude may show some check on upper levels, which may give impact on petroleum and gas segments, movement in cement, infrastructure and related areas can be seen, agriculture, and agriculture produces may get some advantage.

Buying at Lower levels possible, Nifty may show recovery

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in between 71.40 to 72.30 per USD.

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** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.

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