Astrology Observations : Horoscope of Pakistan and current situation

Horoscope of Pakistan and current situation

Horoscope of Pakistan has Aries ascendant and at the time of birth it was Bhadra nakshtra in Lagna, indicating that faming of Wheat, Rice and other items will be important for the nation. Whereas Lagna lord Mars was transiting through the Ardra nakshtra, tendency of Rahu/snake etc. Controller of nation have cruelty/misconception of being the best. Whereas financial position nation will be weak because of misappropriation of funds.

This is confirmed by the placement of Rahu in the house of banks/finance etc. and lord of the finance is in conjunction with the lord of loans etc., indicating misappropriation of finance and funds borrowed from various sources will also be wasted or wrongly utilized or used in conspiracies etc. Which may be harming economy of the nation in the long run.

Since, lagna lord is Mars, so mainly ruler or rule will be influenced by Military. Lord of the chief of the military is also indicating the involvement in many Political, commercial activities etc. (possibly) can be observed.

Placement of Ketu is indicating that issues related to internal matters will be troubling the nation, conspiracies for the ruler, against rulers, internal or external areas. Initially may look to earn money or looking better, since chances of crossing the limits, will be harming economy, harmony, and may hurt longevity of the nation also or may hurt harmony among the public and division is also possible. Which we have already seen in 1971.

Religious thoughts/groups may rule or overrule the nation/group or rulers/cabinet. Extreme of such can be seen on various occasions to rule the nation or to exploit situations (negatively) or for conspiracies.

Wastage of funds or syphoning of funds can be seen time to time, which may lead for massive financial issues/problems.

Transit of Jupiter and Saturn are confirming activities related to conspiracies and involvement of religion is on the higher side. It will be better to check involvement of religion in next 6 months otherwise may be harming peace of the nation or harmony.

Positive side of the nation is farming of Wheat, Rice, fruits etc. along with leaf-based products, cotton (Kapas) etc. Why not to capatilize such areas. Dasha wise currently nation is passing through weak education, which may affect future of the nation.

In 2020 September, Rahu will start transiting on the financial area, which may be harming financial issues, along with the issues among states. Pakistan must be watchful for financial planning and utilization of finance.

Another issue may hurt – water resource crises in coming years.

It will be better to work on the positive aspects including ready-made (traditional) garments for females on international level.

Otherwise next period of transit of Rahu of 18 months may be damaging economy in a serious way.

Again, from 2033 to 18 years will be very tough for financial issues and states wise. Possibly this may be due to 7 years prior to 2033 may be tough due to neighbouring areas and debts from neighbouring area.

Impact of debts will be seen after 2033 for 18 years.

I don’t think that current period (dasha) and transit of planets indicates financial crises, conspiracies and pressure from various liabilities of debts may be tough for the coming years.

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