Astrology Prediction : Query by Anonymous/Arpan/Arpit, from Nadiad (India)

Arpit you have availed one free service on 08-01-2019 @ 11:01 in the name of anonymous, which is as follows Name : Arpit Questions : Last Friday I have made a terrible choice that I came to fully realized today after end lot of confusion and worry of leaving my company A to go to another company B but I realized that I have made terrible choice in my career leaving an big company to small company learning new things. Will I able to get good career and bigger opportunity in my life coming years bigger than I leave a company A or I should go to work with company A back after sometimes? Birth Time: 16:16 Dob : 6th January 1998 Place : Nadiad, India In reply to Anonymous. Name : Anonymous Date of Birth : 06-01-1998 Time of Birth : 16:15 Hrs (IST) Place of Birth : Nadiad (India) Query : Sir,I have got a job offer in November from my college placement but when join in January after 2 days and they say start paying me from June after Training and nothing during Training I said ok but during I don’t feel good about it So, some how I managed to leave the job some how and that my college friends know to this and says why you leave the job and says what will do now and some how I am feeling tense about it that […]

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