Astrology Prediction : Query by Anita Banerjee, from Kolkata (India)

Name : Anita Banerjee
Date of Birth : 09-02-1991
Time of Birth : 09:35 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Kolkata (India)
Question : When will the marriage happen?

Anita Banerjee,
According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
(If you are born after 09:33:05 Hrs (IST) only then this observation is applicable, because chart before 09:33:05 Hrs was different).
1. Aries ascendant (from 09:33 Hrs IST), lord Mars is in the house of Kutumb, conversation and finance etc. exchanging aspect with debilitated Moon (Neech), indications are that in childhood, you might have faced some serious illness, since you are born in Krishana Paksha and day time, so blessing of Goddess helped you to cure from that issue (normally such Moon gives this). Ascendant is weak, but neither affliction nor any auspicious connection. If you feel any health issue, please take care. (This is to justify your time of birth – after 09:33 Hrs ie. 9:35 or so).
2. According to this time of birth, you have neither any auspicious connection with spouse house or its lord nor any malefic connection. Spouse house lord is Venus, placed in the house of gains, indicates that gains from marriage or gains for marriage. But I feel that gains from marriage.
3. Chances of marriage may be better after March 2020. (This is subject to the time of birth given is after 09:33 Hrs (IST))
I have not tested time of birth and Navmansha chart which is specific chart for marriage.

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