Astrology Prediction : Query by Raksee Yadav for her son, from Firozabad (India)

Name of Mother : Raksee Yadav (for son)
Dater of Birth of Son : 08-08-2011
Time of Birth : 23:20 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Firozabad (India)
Date of Birth of Mother : 15-06-1982
Time of Birth : 06:37 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Firozabad (India)
Date of Birth of Father : 16-10-1981
Time of Birth : 23:55 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Etawah (India)
My name is raksee yadav.
My son is about to be 8 years old but does not speak.
No doctor is able to determine exact cause.
Can you look into his kundli and tell me when he will start speaking.

Raksee Yadav,
According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Aries ascendant and lord Mars is in the house of throat/ear, ascendant has Jupiter. Ascendant lord and house of throat is afflicted by Saturn from the house of health and competitiveness. This Saturn is afflicted by Mars lord of ascendant.
2. Lord of voice is Venus which is in mute sign and is total combust (AST). Indicating some issues related to speech, voice or statements etc. Throat lord is retrograde and in Paapkartari. Moon is in Neech rashi, in chhidra house with Rahu, indicating issues in childhood (Balarisht dosh). Birth in Shuklapaksha and in Ratritime, hence blessings of goddess is saving/helping him. Jupiter is helping. In Navmansha chart lord of voice and throat both are afflicted by Saturn.
3. Parent’s horoscope. Father – indicating some issue with the child/children. Mars and Saturn both are afflicting house of progeny. Mother – lord of progeny is in the house of expenses/hospital etc. indicating some issues and possibly hospital/medical related expenses or she may be linked with hospital or both.
4. Lord Vishnu, and Lakshmi narayan may help you. + Medical/technical support is also possible. His own efforts or creating some situations in which your son may be forced to speak Even few words. May be Psychological issues may help him (Neech ka chandra with Rahu) in chhidra house.
It’s a tough, unless he tries on his own. You are helping him, without his efforts. Try.
Vishnu pooja and Lakshminarayan Pooja on regular basis may help. Speech lord is AST and in MOOK rashi. Not a good combination.
Exchange of Mars and Saturn’s aspect indicates some technical support may help.
Dasha wise it is Mercury Mahadasha which signifies voice (naturally), but in Paapkartari and is retrograde. This period will continue till 2023. Try before this period. If God will bless, your son may start speaking. But planetary chances are weak.

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