Tenth House Lord in Various Houses

Anoop Astrology Sutra

Tenth House Lord in Various Houses

Tenth house lord with the houses or lords of third, sixth and eleventh house indicates – combination of Upchay house. Native will rise, even though malefic planets, natal will rise may be with his/her efforts. This house indicates – Profession, gains from ruler or employer, authority and power of natal. Tenth house is a Strong house of Kendra.

Tenth house lord in First house (Ascendant)

Tenth house lord in this position indicates – Natal will be intelligent, poetic by nature (possibly), wealthy and in his/her childhood day’s possibility of poor health, but later on will enjoy sound health. Natal will work sincerely, and achieve heights with own efforts. Can do own business or profession or will enjoy high position.

Tenth house lord conjunct with ascendant lord in ascendant indicates – Natal will be very famous and possibility of relationship with great research or invention.

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