Fifth House Lord in Various Houses

Anoop Astrology Sutra

Fifth House Lord in Various Houses

Fifth House Lord in First House (Ascendant):

Fifth house Lord in ninth house from its own position, hence, favourable results. Workers work under natal. Judicious and enjoys position like Justice or Minister. God fearing person. Less number of children.

But in case of afflicted or weak fifth house lord will give adverse results. Natal will be miser, cunning and cheat.

Fifth House Lord in Second House:

Fifth house Lord is placed in tenth house from its own position. Good and favourable position. Dhanyog. Natal will be well educated, nice spouse and cultured children.

In case of afflicted fifth house lord, natal may suffer from Asthma, Poor and disturbed family life.

Fifth House Lord in Third House:
Fifth house lord in eleventh house from its own house. Normally, favourable, good for children and in numbers too and possibility of many siblings.

Afflicted and weak fifth…

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