Astrology Prediction : Query by RAghu, from Latur (India)

Name : RAghu
Date of Birth : 31-03-1985
Time of Birth : 21:29 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Latur (India)
Query : Dear sir, I went foreign country for the job. Unfortunatly i didnt cope with the environment and fall sick. Is their any chance of getting job in India if i back to India now.

According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Libra ascendant and lord Venus is in the house of competitiveness, disturbance and health related issues, with the lord of foreign lands and Sun. Ascendant lord Venus is currently Mahadasha lord, defeated in planetary war with the lord of foreign lands Mercury. You have three retrograde planets. Situation may show time to time reversal movements.
2. This Mahadasha lord Venus defeated in planetary war, giving strength to the lord of foreign lands and house of foreign lands. Because they got Vipereet Rajyog due to your Mahadasha lord and ascendant lord. Indications are that it will be better for you to be in foreign lands. If you will be coming to mother lands, complications may not be suitable for you.
3. Don’t worry, period will help you, if you will be positive. The way you will approach towards life/profession, results will be accordingly.


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