Astrology Prediction : Query by Santosh Shetty, from Mumbai (India)

Name : Santosh Shetty
Date of Birth : 29-01-1988
Time of Birth : 07:00
Place of Birth : Mumbai (India)
Query : Want to know when will I get new job?

Santosh Shetty,
According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Capricorn ascendant and lord Saturn is in the house of expense/foreign lands/hospital etc. Sun in ascendant, no auspicious connection with ascendant and its lord.
2. Dasha wise you are passing through Mahadasha of Jupiter and anterdasha of Saturn – if you are looking for a job in foreign country or hospital related areas, in that case chances are running. Otherwise chances of better earning will be after 2018. At times your efforts are bit disturbed or half-hearted. Avoid distraction, this distraction tendency may continue till December 2018. Try to enjoy your work.


  1. Name : Reena Sharma
    Date of Birth : 9/1/1971
    Time of Birth : 04:42 am
    Place of Birth : Coimbatore(India)
    Query : Sir I am suffering from dental joints problem. When can I start treatment at the earliest date


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