Astrology Prediction : Query by Mangayar Karasi (Chennai)

Name : Mangayar karasi Date of Birth : 08-06-1971 Date of Query : 16-04-2018 Time of Birth : 08:45 Hrs (IST) Time of Query Received : 04:41 Hrs (IST) because you have not mentioned place of Query. Place of Birth : Chennai (India) Place of Query Received : Noida (India) Query : I have one land on my name.. It’s having more problems.. The person who sold Tat land to me, now blackmailing us to give the land back to them.. I’m scared more. Do I get t land back? and also do they create any prob to us? Mangayar Karasi, According to Vedic Horary method my observations are as follows: 1. At the time you raised this query, it is dual sign rising, close to fixed sign. Indicating situation may remain stable. Lord of question is in the house of miseries and likewise situation. Connected with legal issues/disturbance/financial issues or some other issues which are complicated. Created mental and otherwise disturbance for you. 2. This is clear, lord of property is in your mind, but query is indicating that you are in trouble. If any female/opposite sex/(if any wrong work by you or due to the karma you have done) person is involved then I will not be surprised for creating pressure. 3. Property is in Neech stage, so it will be better to be safe and try to protect you and family/prestige/issues etc.

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