Astrology Prediction : Query by Anonymous, from Ludhiana (India)

Name : Anonymous
Date of Birth : 25-04-1988
Time of Birth : 17:22 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Ludhiana (India)
Question : Could you please advice me on what can i do in terms of remedies for profitable and fruitful business.

According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Virgo ascendant and lord Mercury is in the house of longevity with Jupiter and exalted Sun. Ascendant lord Mercury enjoys lordship of house of profession too. But this Mercury is defeated with Jupiter and afflicted by Mars, which is badhak for the horoscope. Saturn is afflicting ascendant.
2. Lord of Mahadasha is Sun, which is close to exaltation, but afflicted by Mars, placed in the chhidra bhav. Giving ups and downs in results. Your own approach is under pressure, planning for achievement/goal is good, but casual approach or due to some other reasons, execution of planning is not good. Results with partner were good, because you had to justify or answer to partner or had to more watchful in your performance, hence execution was better.
3. You are Engineer with MBA, with good competitive skills, only point of concern is execution of work and your inner strength. Since, you lacked these, hence advantage of Vipereet rajyog is also spoiled.
Shiv Pooja and you can offer Tejpatta and green grass (Doob) to lord Ganesha on at least 11 Wednesdays and pray him to provide you strength.
Only remedy for life will be – to improve your execution of planning and proper efforts and followups.
I have not checked your dashmansha chart (specific chart for profession), since its a free service.


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