Marriage Astrology : Married life and complications

Married life and complications

(Astrological and practical reasons)

According to astrology, house of marriage is just opposite (@180-degree angle) to Lagna means self. So, it is quite natural that differences may be possible because of opposite opinion or thoughts. Now, it depends where are lord of lagna and house of marriage are placed, their distance and positioning. If, they are well placed and suitable position, in that case both are understanding each other, and both will enjoy life in a better way. But if they try to explain or force to understand their views and opinion to their partner, this will develop a silent thinking of forcing or arguing for their opinion and feeling, causing differences or arguments. Slowly and gradually, repulsion – resulting confrontation.

Spoiling a decent combination and negative impact on children and their approach towards life.

Auspicious connection – indicates that good advice or person may guide couple to understand each other. Situation/person may help each other to understand their work, situations under which they are working and suggest them to understand each other than to force or explain them to understand. Which may avert confrontation.

Many times, bedroom house has some issues, indicates – either one of the spouse is forced to live away for some period (which separately) or due to some or other reasons (with their own) is making them to avoid physical romance etc. Or if they are fighting in bedroom. These are three different situations, but basic concept of admiring each other and feeling their emotional and physical (inclusive of health) requirements. If couple can understand this point one of the important area is covered for decent married life. That’s why importance of twelfth house is checked.

In many cases, it is seen that food quality or taste wise both are unable to understand each other, which is causing distraction or charm of having food at home. Or having fights at dining table. Clear indication to lack of understanding taste and requirement of the partner. It is clear from many study that when food of the house is good, healthy tasty and required according to the family’s requirement, issues of the family is always resolved. Good food is one point which may help to give internal happiness. Many times, it is seen that due to dasha cycle this problem of family life and food etc. increases.

Now in a lay man language, let us understand in short way –

Simply, if couple will try to understand each other, there will be no ego clashes or misunderstandings. One can see that in beautiful married life cases, understanding between husband and wife had played important role. Neither of them had tried to force to understand their feelings, rather partner had come forward to understand feelings/personality.

This will help to understand each other’s work, complications, taste, behaviour, and give additional love and attraction charm among them.

One can see, in case of love relationship, initially, both will try to understand each other, but as it goes forward, both will be demanding, expect that their partner must understand his/her point of view.

So, for successful married or love relationship we must understand each other. As much we can understand, success rate will be reaching to higher level.

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