Astrology Prediction : Query by Hassan Ahmed, from Lahore (Pakistan)

Name : Hasaan Ahmed
Date of Birth : 01-08-1988
Date of Query : 03-02-2018
Time of Birth : 08:40 Hrs (LST)
Time of Query Received : 11:48 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Lahore (Pakistan)
Place of Query Received : Noida (India)
Query : i plan to apply for US visa, will i get it? Regards,

Hasaan Ahmed,
According to Vedic astrology and Horary system my observations are as follows:
1. At the time of this query, Aries ascendant rising, movable sign, indicating situation may change, slowly and gradually. Question lord is not placed properly, like a dead position.
2. Documentation part and effort part is also in the shadow. This tendency is indicating issue may be in communication / documentation or likewise situation. Since, you have not done your karma yet, hence indications are clear that effort, karma and courage with lack of communication may be cause of concern for the Visa related issue.
Question lord has lost it’s strength. Weak chances – due to lack of documentation/communication/Political/or some other unknown reason.


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