Astrology Prediction : Query by Derry Fahmi Reza, from Jakarta (India)

Date of Birth : 25-07-1988
Time of Birth : 09:20 Hrs (LST)
PLACE OF BIRTH : Jakarta (Indonesia)
Question : Hello Sir, I learning Vedic Astrology Since Month Ago Because I’m Very Interesting Vedic Astrology
Question : When will I get married,

Derry Fahmi Reza,
According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Virgo ascendant just 0 degree and 22 mins, means accuracy in time of birth is important in this case. Because at 09:18 Hrs (LST), ascendant will be Leo sign. Anyways, as you have provided the time of birth, I am proceeding. Lord Mercury is in the house of profession, avoiding Kendradhipati yog. Ascendant lord and ascendant is afflicted by Mars, lord of chhidra house and trik house.
2. Disturbance in marriage or at the time of marriage or marriage related issues possible.
3. This Mahadasha of Venus is capable of giving marriage, reason is Venus can give marriage under any condition and in this horoscope, Venus in own house and with the lord of marriage. Venus also represents house of close family, Jupiter represents family and house of marriage. Either before 18-01-2019 or after 18-01-2020 will be better period for marriage. But Mars is creating some issues.


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