Astrology Prediction : Query by Ashim Kumar Paul, from Serampore (India)

Date of Birth : 21-10-1985
Time of Birth : 19:10 Hrs (IST)­
Place of Birth : Serampore (India)
Query : I dnt hv any job satisfaction in my govt job….authorities are not supportive..So I’m in mental depression.When shall I get another govt job where I can get satisfaction?

Ashim Kumar Paul,
According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Taurus ascendant and lord Venus is with Mars in the house of education, children and past karmas. Debilitated Jupiter, which is creating obstacles for the horoscope is giving aspect on the ascendant and its lord. Ascendant is also debilitated. You have through debilitated planets in your horoscope. Hence, impact can be seen on various occasions.
2. You are passing through Mahadasha of Rahu and anterdasha of Mars (which is with the lord of ascendant). Rahu is in the house of foreign lands, expenses and distraction etc. Rahu is in the exchange of aspects with debilitated Sun and Mercury. Hence, some issues related to colleagues or seniors possible.
3. If you want to change a job, then how many jobs you are looking for change. Unless, you will be positive in your thoughts and learn to have decent relationship with elders, it will be creating issues with you in future too.
3. Mahadasha will be changing after first week of April 2018. You will be needing blessings from lord Vishnu. Regular reading of Vishnusahsranam will help you in future.
If you want to go for a change then chances may develop after April 2018, but situation may remain same because of your approach.


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