Astrology Prediction : Query by Ashok Kumar Nath, from Odisha (as defined – India)

Name : Ashok Kumar Nath,
Date of Birth : 23-07-1965
Time of Birth : 16:29
Place of Birth : Odisha – Barbil to Ganjam to Nawrangpur to Khariar Rd. to Belpahar etc. (India)
You are unable to get the job, because not feeding the data properly for the recruitment, as you have not furnished your birth details properly. You missed place of birth. So, indications are clear that due to your negligence or overconfidence or feeling that you are so big or profile is so strong that other person has to listen to you.
Which is not possible. Do, yoga and give your best.
I could not study your birth chart but with help of other ways and means query is responded



  1. I am extremely sorry that I missed to mention about location of my birth place. I may be pardoned. Your statement on my character without studying my astral chart is not acceptable. I am sorry for your derogatory remark on me. I am not a professional in this line that you expect everything perfect from me and secondly you have not provided any online description for furnishing information. I am furnishing information again for your study if you feel to spare some minutes from your busy and valuable time.
    Name: Ashok Kumar Nath
    DoB: 23.7.1965
    Birth time: 4.29pm
    Birth place: Rajkanika, Kendrapara, Odisha, India.


    • Ashok Kumar Nath,
      Your query is replied, and your attitude is reflecting in the details. Anyways, I gave my observations, it is on your wish – if you can amend your attitude on not. I have nothing to say. The day you will be humble with your profile and focused, chances of job opportunity will improve. It’s your choice. Only one and once I can study or give my observations on free service.
      If you can avoid your ego, then will help you. I have nothing to do with this. This is your life.
      I have not studied your dashamansha and birth chart, but sure of Jupiter Mahadasha with Chandal yog in malefic house is troubling you. This is according to your response. Not ready to understand. Moon may also be cause of concern. May be affliction. Not gone through your birth chart.


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