Astrology Prediction : Query by Nupur Mohan, from Karnal (India)

Name : Nupur Mohan
Date of Birth : 04-04-1991
Time of Birth : 12:45 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Karnal (India)
Query : Sir , i have h pylori by birth , its genetic in my family but i was diagnosed in year 2016 , it has got serious now due to overgrowth of this bacteria because of stress and bad lifestyle. Currently i taking a herbal treatment course by grocare company since 2 months . The company claims it will take 6 to 8 months for this bacteria to eradicate completely but still i have no hope and patience left to fight off this infection. I am not seeing any improvement till now so i get worried many a times whether this bacteria will ever go from my life or not , i am not taking any antibiotic course which is usually prescribed by a gastroenterologist for this thing as allopathic medicines don’t suit me at all. My symptoms got worse while doing a job in year 2016 ( for a short period ) so it was then when i went to gastroenterologist where i was tested positive for this infection. So sir pls can you tell me will i’ll ever be free of this bacteria as i am really losing hope and faith in my destiny? Will my disease H pylori be ever cured , if yes then which month and year it will happen?

Nupur Mohan,
According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Cancer ascendant and lord Moon is debilitated and in the house of past karmas, but getting aspect from Jupiter lord of Lever etc. Ascendant has Jupiter with Ketu, exchanging aspect with Saturn and Rahu. Heavy affliction on health related issues. Jupiter represents house of health, so indications are clear that health related issues are cause of concern.
2. These Germs are found in 50-60% people, but are activated due to bad eating habits, working habit and sleeping habit.
Mars from the house of hospital is indicating that proper treatment may help you to recover from the disease.
You are passing through Mahadasha of Venus, placed in the house of profession and anterdasha of Sun, indications are clear that eating habits are to be checked with support of proper treatment.
Look for proper treatment. Otherwise issues may be complicated. Take care for eating and working habit. Sleep disorder must be checked.
This can be cured in your case.
I have not studied Navmansha and Trimshamshha chart, also not applied Kot-chakra.


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