Astrology Prediction : Query by Shagunn Khimani, from Patiala (India)

Name : Shagun Khimani
Date of Birth : 24-06-1975
Date of Question 23-08-201
Time of Birth : 12:32 Hrs (IST)
Time of Question : 17:09 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Patiala (India)
Place of Question Received : Noida (India)
Question : am currently going through a very bad Phase in my job, do you see prospects of finding a new job in the next 3 months.

Shaguni Khimani,
According to Vedic Horary method my observations are as follows:
1. At the time you have raised this question, it is Aquarius sign. Fixed sign, indicating that situation may remain as it is.
2. Question lord is in the house of profession and passing through the Nakshtra of Mercury. Profession lord is in the house of competitiveness not making any link with the house of question or lord of question.
3. Profession lord is also transiting through the Nakshtra of Mercury. Indirect linkage between profession and question is form. Tough call, but difficult to say that chances are not their.
4. Tough chance, if gave proper effort and competitiveness then chance may be really tough or chances of missing too.



  1. Thank you ver much. really appreciate. can you suggest any astrological remedies which might make things easirer in my current job


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