Formation of Bihar Ministry 2015

(Posted on 20-11-2015, at the time of formation of Bihar Ministry – 2015)

Bihar Ministry Formation 2015

This ministry took oath when it was Pisces sign, Moon is in its twelfth house, normally and such position is not considered nice. Lord of leader of cabinet was in the house of disturbance. Public is in conjunction is in the house Moksh.

House of coalition partners has interestingly lord of unknown events etc. Lord of coalition partner is total combust with Saturn.

Now it will be interesting to see that leader of cabinet will be giving his best but coalition partners will interesting to see in coming days.

There will be sudden activities which may put Government of Bihar under pressure.

I feel leader of the government will be giving some good working, but if partners will be involved in interesting activities then it may be bit more interesting or challenging for the leader of the Government.


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